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My art commissions are currently open!

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About Me

Hello! I am Wulfrayne, Rayne for short!My preferred pronouns are She/Her or They/Them-----------------------
I like drawing, old/retro games and making mods, some day I'd love to start working on full games.
You can find some examples of my art in the Gallery and some of my modding work in the Unreal section!
You can reach out to me by email ([email protected]) or @wulfrayne on discord.
You can also check my socials for announcements or updates on my works.
If you like what I do, consider giving me a tip over to Ko-fi!

Terms of Service

1. General Conduct and Conditions:• I reserve the right to refuse/cancel/refund commissions for any reason, personal or otherwise.
• I will try to finish commissions as fast as I can but I'm not a full-time artist.
• I work on commissions from Monday to Friday.
• I will not be shipping any traditional art.
• Color is not available for Traditional Art.
• I may charge more based on complexity of the request.
• Questions and concerns about your commission can be discussed in private messaging.
• WIP pictures will be sent after each work stage (Sketch, Color, etc.)
• You may request NSFW art as long as you're at least 18 years old or older.
2. I will NOT accept requests with:• Characters owned by someone who did not agree to the commission and does not accept fan art.
• Anything illegal in my country or anything that could get me in trouble.
• Anything that could be seen as offensive or in poor taste.
And I will also not accept NSFW requests with:
• Underage characters.
• Bestiality.
• Characters that belong to an underage person.
• Scat, necrophilia, guro and other extreme fetishes.
• Focus on feet/foot fetishes.
• Anything else that I may find uncomfortable, if you have any questions you can message me before sending a form.
3. Requesting Commissions:• Requests are sent through a google form.
• If I accept your request I will contact you with the contact information given in the form.
• You can check if my commissions are open on this website or if I announce it on social platforms such as Twitter.
4. Changes/Edits:• Edits can always be requested for sketches.
• Edits can be requested when I show WIP, please communicate if I got something wrong or you had a change of mind.
• Edits can still be requested in late stages but I may charge extra if too many/too complex.
5. Payment:• PayPal only, no payments in things like "exposure" or cryptocurrency.
• Commission is paid in full after you approve rough sketch/pose.
• Work on your commission will be paused until payment is received.
6. Refunds:• I will not refund a finished commission.
• I will not refund a commission if significant progress was made, communicate any issue sooner.
• I will offer refunds if I'm taking way longer than promised to finish a commission.

TF2 Soldier in U1 Credits:
Wulfrayne - Animations, camera work, coding
Kecko - Soldier's model and textures, map geometry
AlternativeProjects - Music Remix
Team Fortress 2, The Soldier, Rocket Jump Waltz and some of the sound effects are properties of Valve
Unreal and all the other assets are property of Epic Games

Mods Showcase:

All the showcased weapon animations above for the Project Gryphon mod for Unreal were animated by me in Blender and coded/compiled into the game by using UnrealEd and UCC, models and textures for the custom weapons added into the mod were made by @Kecko on Discord

My art commissions are currently Open!! Make sure to read the Terms of Service before submitting a form!

Sorry! My art commissions are currently closed, check again at a later date and keep an eye on my socials for any news!